20 Guns Lyrics

by Roc Marciano

Foreign exports dress boss
Select the escort
That was just a fresh thought
Ralph Lauren tee
The Porsche jeep come with the warranty
Performance fee worth a quarter key
Let the mink drape
Drink the grapes behind the gates
The G5 skate apply grace
Tongue kiss a fifth
I wrap your bitch up like a gift
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This must be how it feel to reel in fish
Keith Sweat sing at the wedding
I rap with the tennin leggings
And fed the peasants presents
Black or spanish
Be the preference
With lead you beg to get your head wrenched
I'm like Clooney
In ghetto jewelry
Polo Uzi
The stone I threw you was a ruby
I move smoothly
Roll a doobie in the jacuzzi
After the movie
She asked to do me
I replied absolutely
Sex noises unfamiliar voices
You make choices
The poor witness, the rich man rejoices
Tans in January
Forever camera ready
Hammers is heavy
Scams are petty
Hands is sweaty
Hold the wheel steady
Canary yellow scaglietti
Pendergrass Teddy
A classic medley
Champagne roley
Shows for ladies only
El Padroni
My ears ghostly
The Lex interior was oak tree
Liberian poetry
He approach me
From young to older
Hoes with crows feet
Blow spliffs
Flows emotionless
Your broken in six
Frozen wrist I threw a poker chip

Roc Marciano

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