Aberdeen Lyrics

by Kirsty McGee

There's a place in every city,
In a bottom, wound and relieved,
Where some yellow headed girl
Whispers anyone who listens how she feels.
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She stoops too low, but she will conquer
With no malice and no kind,
She's the child of late night whiskey talk,
If late night whiskey talk had a child.

Do you remember Aberdeen when you and I was 17?
Eyes and place and thickest teeth.

And malice, you'll remember
All of the promises he made
The night he told me all about him
In the bed where you have laid.

And all the sheets were off like restless waves
Frown around in this array
And I loved you then, but I dared not speak
For fear, for fear of what you'll say.

And the roads rode by so dearly great
And I tell myself that they'll end someday
When I find out what I mean to say,
When words come a little closer.

If I'd known back then what I've since learned
How a fire can warm, how a fire can burn,
We dashed down the stars but I have returned if I was lost
In the silence, I could hear your heart beating.

In a barrow on a city street,
With a pretty girl with blistered feet,
I don't know ‘bout you, but I can't compete
When it comes to drinking games.

You stoop too low, but you will conquer,
As you have conquered every time,
You're the child of late night whiskey talk
If late night whiskey talk had a child.

And I'll leave you there in Aberdeen,
In a torn red dress, with that crazy grin.
Ragged girl, red hair, white skin,
How you make me giddy when you draw me in.

I will leave you there in Aberdeen,
With my heart in your hands, the way it's always been.
Girl, I loved so deeply, but I dare not win
Before it starts, before the stars came down.

Kirsty McGee

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