Feed Lyrics

by Sweatshop Union

Yall tryna climb and get it
Just ‘cause Simon said it
I rather fly instead it's built into my genetics
I'm always pushing harder, yall really shouldn't bother
You're wearing wood and armor, my armor's good and stronger
Much nicer too, with all sorts of jewels on it
Your whole team's corny, yall dogs and fools on it
My whole team's awesome, my whole team is gossippin up the sleeve
Anybody tryna feed off em
So take precautions,
You're sleepwalkin through a mine field,
I'm tryna wake you up as a peace offering
They called me tree frog in '02 by your free conscious
20-13, it's Steve Hawking
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Never been afraid of the darkness
Yea, I've been a slave to this nonsense
You could probably take these words out of context
And realize I'm too complex, man I'm far fetched
Gone, peace, see ya later
But don't come back contact the lunar crater
When the sky go black, fall back
The star vapors so the walls don't crack
If they do I might make a move
Zoom, rap typhoon
We up in the peek, high noon to high noon
Something's gotta live inside of my goons
‘Cause I feed on the fumes opposes, no fake personas
We keepin it real, don't try and console us
We keep it concealed if you try to control us
We been takin the wheel
And while our minds burn out, find out
We gon heal, baby it's okay

Sweatshop, Snak The Ripper
Yea, I got it

Guns and roses for you bums and posers
Punching noses son, I'm dumb ferocious
Acting like you grimy but this one's the grossest
Doses of these drugs got you under hypnosis
Look how easily Snaky work the pen
Catch you motherfuckers countin black word from 10
It's this earth, don't even know what universe I'm in
Leave it to the last minute but my verse is in
Dominant mind state, violate the opposition
Offer no escape before exposing our position
Finally skinning house pets, I'mma rob their mission
From the offer up but ain't nobody wanna listen
Fuck em, this beat is dirty like the toilet at the mall
Don't wanna spoil the surprise but there's some soil in the stall
Sippin gasoline and smoking dirty oil in the hall
When it comes to killin toys I'm loyal to it all

I can smell the fear across the room, it's clear
A hungry lion on the loose, you're like a wounded deer
An easy target for the pride, about to disappear
An irregular time is near, for real that's like Bieber versus fear, the fuck up outta here
Bout to feel the full so it's like purpose versus pack of hawkers
And feel the levee or a semi with these rhyming corpses
Death 3, I'm heavy like a flyin portion
Droppin bombs on you prime so hear me clear through the distortion
Dog fighter writer when we serving you the same hand
A royal flush against your nothing to you cavemen
Out there busy clubbing while I'm workin on my gameplan
That's why my flow is fire like a lighter to a spray can
Higher than a space man, I'm on a different planet
While you stranded on some damage, little can but screamin dammit
Tried to step and did a face plan
Landed on your hand prints
The whole city think you shitty, you ain't strong enough to stand yet

Sweatshop Union

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