Every heart Lyrics

by Sweet Lil J

Tell me babe, how many do I shed my tears?
Every Heart Every Heart is not a gentle yet
Shall I do? I can never say my loneliness
Every Heart doesn't know so what to say, oh what to do
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I was afraid of darkness cause I felt that I was left alone
So I prayed for help to the distant million stars

*Round & Round the planets revolve round the sun
And we always seek after love and peace Forever more
Growing growing, oh baby we can work it out
Look up at the sky Every Heart is shining all today

Show me now, what kind of smile do I come across
Every Heart Every Heart can take a step towards the dreams
All of us what to take a lasting happiness
Whenever you feel sad, I wanna hold you & give you
a sound sleep

Someday Every Hearts gonna free and easy
We have peace of mind
Someday all the people find the way to love

**Goes & Goes the time goes on we are not alone
We live on together and we will find some precious things
Sometime we will smile sometimes we will cry somehow
Don't forget believing yourself, tomorrow's never die

There is the warm heart places on my mind
In my earlist day's there and it's so sweet
There are many stars they have talk with me so kind
They say yes always time's a friend of mine so shine

Sweet Lil J

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