Friend Of Mine (Remix) Lyrics

by Kelly Price

<i>[Kelly P.] see I was the one who picked her up when so called friends let her down
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<i>[Ron I.] uh-huh

<i>[Kelly P.] and I was the one who took her in when that fool put her out,
a true friend in deed
you see I was there when shit was goin down
but she betrayed me
I caught her with him comin in from outta town
tell me...


<i>[Kelly P.] Now I put my trust in him
I can't believe he slept with her behind my back
I went out on a limb
I even covered up to keep his thing in tact
What he had in me was sumthin real thats so hard to come about
But he betrayed me,
there was a photo and some laundry that I found

tell me...


<i>[Kelly P.] I put all my trust in you baby,

<i>[Ron I.] ohh wh-y-y

<i>[Kelly P.] (She was) she was my best friend (through what eva, what eva)
roll with me through thick and thin (my homie, my homie)
sistahs to the very end, and I-I-I (can't believe it, can't believe it, can't believe it)

<i>[Ron I.] So just call him up,

<i>[Kelly P.] No, I don't wanna, I don't wanna

<i>[Ron I.] Call him babe

<i>[Kelly P.] uh-unngh

<i>[Ron I.] Call him

<i>[Kelly P.] I'm callin, I'm callin, I'm callin


<i>[R. Kelly] Hello?
Who's this?

<i>[Ron I.] This is Mister Bigg

<i>[R. Kelly] How you doin Mister Bigg?

<i>[Ron I.] What da hell is goin on ?

<i>[R. Kelly] What you mean whats goin wrong?

<i>[Ron I.] Kelly's tellin me that you're sleepin wit anuva woman

<i>[R. Kelly] Just because she sees me wit her doesn't mean I sleepin wit her

<i>[Ron I.] Well if ya not sleepin wit her what da hell you doin wit her?

<i>[R. Kelly] Damn I could be just talkin to her

<i>[Ron I.] Or you could be just sleepin wit her
Now son, man to man, we both know tha game

<i>[R. Kelly] Yeah but whats that..

<i>[Ron I.] ...Wait a minute now you know all about heartache and pain,
this is my god daughter and I'm just tryin to protect her heart (don't waste your time)
you may have been a moon to her, but to me she's a star (why why why)
Kelly take this phone...

<i>[Kelly P.] She was my best friend
you were my husband
oh but I don't want you no no no mo, said I don't want you no no no no mo

wh-y-y <i>[until fade]

Kelly Price

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