A Desert Flower Lyrics

by A. R. Kane

<d&[ Lyrics from: http://www.cloverlyrics.com/e1616-a_r_kane~a_desert_flower_lyrics.html ]#105;v>How do I love you<br />As much as I do<br /><br />Like a prisoner<br />Inside a shell<br />Send me a sunrise<br />Bring me a bell<br /><br />A desert flower<br />Rise with the moon<br />Unfurl your petals<br />And kiss the dune<br /><br />We wept on the sea<br />Sung blues on the land<br />Found swing in the cities<br />And the crack in our hand<br /><br />But I still love you<br /><br />Weep another sea<br />And be free<br />My sweet baby<br /><br />A single blossom<br />Upon the sand<br />Drink up your sunrise<br />Just like we planned.<br />

A. R. Kane

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