Fall And Rise Lyrics

by Still Time

Another fall and rise has come again
As I pick my eyes up off the floor
‘Cause I know now that time rolls on
Let’s just enjoy the way it does
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Just last night my love heard her song
Floating in this western wind
She said you don’t know the things I know
Oh Lord, I hear her whisper still

“You’re a simple man
Hoping for heaven
Hold on now the work is not done
The light’s on for you
Goodnight my love”

She’s the one that calms me down
Whispering some old lullaby
She came to me when I was low
Took all my fears to melt away

She says, “You’re a simple man
Building your heaven
See now the work’s almost done
The light’s on for you
Goodnight my love”

I could sit and stare from here forever
Some nights it’s great to be alone
Here in my dream I’ve found a river
That takes me back to my home

I hide myself
I hide myself
I know that it’s wrong
She shows her soul
She bears her soul
I know that she’s right

Oh I fall and rise
I fall and rise
Oh we fall, we fall, and we rise

Still Time

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