Feel Lyrics

by Matty

how do i feel?
let's find out
i'm out of the shell
how do i feel?
when there are high
mountains looking at me
pretty girls
sitting near me
how do i feel?
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i've been lost
inside that shell
for years

we walked past the church
and the gravestones
we walked and we walked and we looked
looked outside
for protection
sweet protection

how do we feel
is it green or is it blue?
red or tinted yellow? oh...

the faults
and the pros
and the cons
of each colour
discover the knots
inside of you
discover the life
inside of you...

all around
gives protection
but inside
there's a fort

we tried it
once or twice...

the rooftops
and the skyline
birds closer than before
the car horns
and the train sounds
a pretty circle throughout

lies all around
and inside


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