Vicious Lyrics

by The Kooks

All in my head with thoughts of the underground
On my way to see you again
Cuz we've been honest late, so got down low
It's hard to see it has an end
Oh, it does have an ending
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But I'm so vicious, dear, to you
Although, you never give me problems
You're so kind, so on to me
In my head, so many questions
Won't you go? Don't be my slave, girl
I wouldn't have it that way
You're so kind, I’m out of my mind here

This I do, girl
I do, I want, to go to Chelsea
Oh, just to talk and, feel you
Cuz you've been hiding, oh you've been hiding out
But I'm coming back there to get you
Yes, I'm coming to get you


[Guitar Solo]

(Settled down now) I can't get
Well, I'm coming back there to get you
Oh, I'm coming to get you


The Kooks

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