Vultures Lyrics

by Arch Enemy

Breathing life into these mares where enemies turn into flesh
This is the abyss I fear the most - I feel their eyes staring at me
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Waiting with carnivorous patience, their memory timeless
For all they know I must succumb sometime:

[Lead - Michael]

A solemn cry rises to the sky as heavy wings blacken out
The morning sun with infinite darkness. Am I dreaming or am I dead?

In search for my heart - Lost in this hell
The vultures are soaring above - Tearing me apart

[Lead - Christopher]

Screaming Voices in my head. A sudden pain then deadly silence
Devouring the remains of my heart - I can feel it dying

[Lead - Christopher]

Picking at the bones of my soul
Left me dead inside
The more I gave the more they took
Left me dead inside

Arch Enemy

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