Sprung Lyrics

by B2K

Yo, its alright girl
I understand how you feel
You aint gotta lie to yourself
Its easier to see
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<i>[Verse 1:]
Baby its official
I'm tired of lookin at ya out my window
I peep you when you're coming home from work
With your high heels on
Oh you're the bomb
Girl you've got it goin on
Its crazy
I'm tired of tellin people i'm your homie
I think i know that you really want me
Girl i know its wrong
I'm feelin you strong
Why dont you just put me on

When you're loving me
And you're touching me
Its like ecstacy
To the tenth degree
Girl i think you've got me sprung (You got me sprung)
I'm not number one (Ohh)
I'm too young for you
Hes not young enough (No)
To do what i do
Now aint that the truth
Girl i think you've got me sprung (Gil you've got me, sprung)
I'm not number one, no

<i>[Verse 2:]
Girl you see i need you
I know you're mad at how your man treats you
And he cant do it for you like i do
You claim you wanna leave
So give him back his keys
Girl come and roll with me
Its simple
If you dont wanna be with shorty no more
Then turn around and walk in through my house doors
Its open for you
And tell him that you're through

When you're loving me
And you're touchi


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