Baby It's Cold Outside Lyrics

by Melanie C

I really cant stay
But baby its cold outside
Ive got to go way
Whoa, but its cold outside
This evening has been
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In hopin that youd drop in
So very nice
Ill hold your hands, theyre just like ice
My mother will start to warn me
Beautiful, whats your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor
Listen to the fireside roar
Well really, I should just scurry
Beautiful, please dont hurry
But maybe just to have a drink more
Put a record on while I pour
The neighbors might say
Oh baby its bad out there
Say whats in this drink
No cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how
Your eyes are like starlight now
To break this spell
Ill take your hand, your hair looks swell
I ought to say no, no, no, no sir
Mind if I move in closer
At least I can say that I tried
Whats the sense of hurting my pride
I really cant stay
Oh baby dont hold out, oh cos its...
Baby its cold outside

Melanie C

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