Enough Lyrics

by Josh Gracin

There goes another one
Another heated one
when I feel like I get too close,
I slam the brakes and take it slow.
Till they give enough,
Till they have nothin left to give.
What king of man takes all they have
And still don't feel like he has enough?
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I had it all in my hands
But I let it slip away,
For a chance to play the game.
Every time she thought she won
I showed the loser that I am.
Maybe one day when I grow up,
I can can be her man...

I'm alone here
so I try to fill my space
With a name I don't remember
In her eyes I see your face.
I'm a guilty child,
Scared to death to hear his name
So I hide until they go away
Ignore them 'till I know they've had enough.



Every time she though she won
I showed the loser that I am.
Maybe one day I'll grow up
And then I'll Have enough.

I held it in my hands

Now it's gone,
Now it's gone,
Gone, gone...

Josh Gracin

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