For The First Time Lyrics

by Lara Landon

Today I'm feelin' something exciting
is about to break
What I've been wanting, my
secret longing
is looking me in the face
Now I think I know this God I've heard about
For the first time I know what I've been missing
What it's all about
For the first time, at last, I'm not afraid to love again
For the first time.
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I can't resist this
and I don't want to
gone long enough on my own
You're getting closer, I'm getting ready
You're drawing me to you
I'm sheltered by Your shadow and living in You light


I could get used to this- believing that You like me
I could get used to this- I really think I'd let you love me
I could get used to this- for the first time I see
just a glimpse of how you really feel about me
I could get used to this


Lara Landon

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