Find My Way Lyrics

by Kevin Gordon

When the night comes creeping,
And my family's sleeping
I slip out and take a ride
No destination, no woman waiting
Just a rage inside my mind
I'm feeling things I don't understand
Baby can you sympathize
til I find my way
baby til I find my way
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I think I'll drive down to the river
Stare out at the lights of town
Sometimes a man will walk that bridge
Just to lay his lonesome down
I'm coming back home tonight
I'm just taking the long way around
til I find my way
baby, til I find my way

There's hawks on my fence, snakes in the grass
Change is a burning, blurring line
World's got me crazy, can you tell me baby
Why the cure' s always the compromise
There's what you want, and what you need
What ties you down, what sets you free
til I find my way
baby, til I find my way

Kevin Gordon

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