Finish What He Started Lyrics

by Codie Prevost

Verse 1
You met him on a day
Like any other day
Except it was raining
You should've known by that
He'd take his promise back
Loves always changing
It's hard to watch while someone's heart is breaking
When someone leaves someone's always waiting
Right now I know your trust is torn
This is the moment I've been waiting for
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Where his love ends is where mines just getting started
I'm gonna pick up where he left you I won't leave you empty hearted
I'm gonna Finish What He Started

Verse 2
Yeah he can talk the talk
I'm gonna walk the walk
Won't leave you stranded
I'm gonna right his wrong
I've loved you all along
Let me be candid
I wanna kiss you everywhere it's broken
Pick up the pieces of your shattered emotion
Don't mean to sound like I'm all that
But once I hold you, you won't want him back

With his last kiss he broke his promise of forever
That's funny that's how long I've dreamed about us being together baby

Codie Prevost

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