Questions Lyrics

by Jon Mclaughlin

Katy stands at the top of the stairs
As she's leaving her father stares
What has she come to? Another boy she runs to tonight
Powerless he just shakes his head
Disappointed and off to bed
But he won't be sleeping cause the hours she's keeping are not right
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She's asking a question, how will I be
After this next one eventually leaves me
How can a man be all that they say when all that I know
Is men run away?
I think I lose just a little bit of me in every man that I see

Danny's been out now for 7 days
Funny how he thought the price had been paid on a past he hates to talk about
It's everything wrong about him
He goes back home to a battle field and starts to drink as some kind of a shield
For the anger instilled in him and their looks are killing him now

He's asking a question
How will I be when It comes down to the end and memories still haunt me
How can He have forgiveness that flows when no one forgives me
Yet it's Jesus they know
I think I lose just a little bit of me in this family that won't see

A crowd of confusion gathers round watching the light as he slowly goes out
After all they've talked about everything's coming out now
Their anger turns to dead and gone
Hearts start to feel what feels so wrong and as the time starts passing by and hours turn to days in their heads they can still hear Him say

I came for your questions of what you don't know
But you can't see the answers unless I go
So give me your hatred and give your diseased
Give me your tired and I'll take them with me
Cause I'm hanging here losing every part of me
Just to open your eyes to what you would never see
And to answer your questions there's no place that I'd rather be

Jon Mclaughlin

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