From Anger To Rage Lyrics

by Verse

Clenched fist I'm in a rage
I can't control my anger now
The more they lie to us
The more I want to bring them down
Everywhere we turn
We're being told how we should be
I feel like I'm being forced into a mold
That just doesn't fit me
Comes rebellion
These money hungry men
Control our sight
And distort the truth that we so desperately seek
Telling us that we're wrong
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For the way we live our lives
I know there are far too many
Who feel just like us
From anger and rage
Your billboard's temptation
Just a hangman's noose
A constant campaign
To sell us your "truth"
Can't live life on our knees
Or believe lies we're fed
Won't let them get to us
The movement's not dead


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