Fatboy Blues Lyrics

by Greg Brown

My baby says so sweetly
You're still my hall in the home but
Either party got bigger baby
Party got small, I look down and constantly slip
I couldn't even see my shoes
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He's still “we have a situation”
And I have got the fatboy blues

Well my friends all treat me kindly
My friends all treat me great but they are
So quick to remind me I have put on even more
Weight and they add too quickly
Man, this so looks good on you

And then they try to squeeze on past me
Leave me here with my fatboy blues

I don't know how it happened
I ain't no Elvis P. but
One day I just woke up just as fat I could be and
Now I stumble out to the kitchen
For another chicken or two

Yes, I did it my way
And I have got the fatboy blues

My pants keep getting tighter but it
Ain't cause I'm aroused
I can't fish out my lighter or my
Keys or loose change, now I guess I'll be the family pack
If they come in size 52

Oh yes I am the walrus
And I have got the fatboy blues

Will I ever do get slender?
I bet I'll miss myself
Eating fruit out of a blender
No cheese, just snow peas and kell
But I never was good looking
And now I'm in the ugly who's who

Love me, love both of me baby
I got the ol' fat boy blues

And I want a toosh like Bellushi
But he was living large
I'm gonna make like Cleopatra and sail down
The river on a barge way down to New Orleans
Where they still know a thing or two

I buy rice and beans and sausage
Garlic in this fatboy blues

Ohh rice beans and sausage
Garlic in the fatboy blues

Ohhh hmmm

Greg Brown

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