Forever My Man Lyrics

by Sherry Lynn

Forever My Man
Anna Lisa Graham/Tony Marty
I'm not your First Lover I may not be your last
Oh how I pray that I am I don't need to look further
I am through looking back Cause this is my hearts last stand
Eternallyoh endlessly when you need me I'll be there
All the time everywhere
OhYou will be forever my man
I promise to love you the best that I can
And there are things about me you may never understand
But always remember you'll be forever my man
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Time might make you weak to another's temptation
But oh how I pray that it won't
No one will ever touch me the way that you have
You're the only truth I've ever known
Don't need to question there's no doubt I could never live without you
Oh Oh whoah
Oh there are things about you that I may never understand
but always remember you'll be forever my man
oh whoah you'll be forever My Man

Sherry Lynn

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