Baby I Would Lyrics

by Puriti

Boy why can't you see
our love was meant to be
how could you deny what we??ve shared
I just cant believe that you take my heart and leave
after all the times we been through.
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Pre Chorus
You asked me then
and I??ll tell you it again.
I??m in love with you
you??re the only one in my life.

Baby I would give you everything to have you by my side
Baby I would give you all my love to share my life with you
Baby I would give you all my heart I promise I??ll be true
Baby I would give you all my soul for all eternity

Baby please believe,
your touch is all I need
can it just be me in your arms.
I know you cant hide
what you truly feel inside
please don??t turn your back on me now

Repeat Pre Chorus
Repeat Chorus

I can see in your eyes
the way you feel
when we are together as one
sitting here side by side
I dream of me would never be a part.

Repeat Chorus 2x


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