Eternally Yours Lyrics

by 2Unlimited

<e&[ Lyrics from: ]#109;>[RAY:] Oh baby...<br />It feels so good to be here with you<br />We have a love that will last forever<br />And girl, I want you to know how I feel<br />'Cause I'm eternally yours<br /><br /><em>[RAY:] Girl you make me feel so good inside<br />When you're in my arms and I'm holding you tight<br />I touch your sweet body with a warm caress <br />Then I give you love and tenderness<br />You are like my dream come true<br />A dream to last my whole life through<br />Now, and forever more<br />Baby I'm eternally yours<br /><br /><em>[RAY:] We'll be together 'till the end of time<br />Every night I'll kiss your body 'till your satisfied<br />And I'll never, ever let you go<br />Girl, I'm yours forever more<br />So wrap my heart in your protection<br />Let my love be your affection<br />Just like the sea to the shore<br />Girl, I'm eternally yours<br /><br /><em>[CHORUS:]<br /><em>[ANITA:] A love like ours can only last forever<br />It keeps growing stronger than the day before<br />I know that we were meant to be together<br />I want to tell you, too, that I'm eternally yours!<br /><br /><em>[RAY:] People think I'm crazy to feel this way<br />But I'm in love, What can I say?<br />The way I feel is my defense<br />I don't even see my old friends<br />I just wanna be with you cause this love is strong<br />I wanna be with you right or wrong<br />You are all I'm living for<br />Yeah, I'm eternally yours<br /><br /><em>[CHORUS]<br /><br /><em>[CHORUS]<br /><br /><em>[RAY:] Baby, you're the one that I adore<br />Let me touch your body when we're on the floor<br />Girl, I've got a lot of love in store <br />To give you what you want and even more<br />You are all I'm living for<br />Forever like the sea to the shore<br />Baby, I'm eternally yours, yeah, I'm eternally yours.<br /><br /><em>[CHORUS (X3)]<br /><br />


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