Empty Spaces Lyrics

by Pentimento

I'&#[ Lyrics from: http://www.cloverlyrics.com/e38104-pentimento~empty_spaces_lyrics.html ]118;e been trying to reach my friend,
but I've been asleep for days in my backseat
trying to find my way out of this place.
I've been trying to reach my friend,
but she's been packing all her things.
I'm so sick of coming home to find another empty space.
I'm having a hard time remembering what it's like to feel something.
But I'd rather be sleeping than remembering that I am the reason I lost everything.
Out of all the faults of others, we choose to ignore our own. I chose to ignore my own.
I've been trying to reach my friend.
But I think that I have lost faith in her ever coming home.
So I'll choose to sit here and wait
For my friend,
My companion,
My heart.


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