For All Who Have Given And Lost Lyrics

by Pour Habit

I sit and smile as I hear the question
With what it’s like with what you’ve been given
Take a breath, try not to break
A step away, going insane
So much you don’t understand
And you will never comprehend
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Hunger is the blood rushing through my veins
Death seems like liberty, drains my soul
I will not let my legs tremble
I will not let my fist unclench
My eyes gaze keen into the sunlight
My patience will not bring a change

Satellite friends, backstage passes
Promised lies and phony hype
Should’ve watched out what I wished for
This is what it’s really like

My daughter sleeps alone now
My family is destroyed
A suicidal alcoholic
With an overdose ploy

So say all you want now
With your judgmental eyes
This is what I live with
You wouldn’t survive

Pour Habit

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