A Coal Red Sky Lyrics

by Carrie Newcomer

I[ Lyrics from: http://www.cloverlyrics.com/e43312-carrie_newcomer~a_coal_red_sky_lyrics.html ]16;'s a more than a need more than desire
More like an slow heartbreaking fire
Gone up in smoke, in a coal red sky
Doesn't it strike you a little odd
Something so wrong could feel like God
Gone up in smoke, in a coal red sky
Chorus Fires burn and now I know
I've faced the devil toe to toe
How many nights did I waste
How many years for just a taste
V: It's like a cancer round your spine
Then it can seem you're the best lifeline
Gone up in smoke, in an coal red sky
Bridge Here I sit with open hands
Here I wait without a plan
No one tells you when you start
Kid this stuff will break your heart
And so the fire crackles on
It's never done it's never gone
Calling my name, in a coal red sky

Carrie Newcomer

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