Figure Lyrics

by Richard Buckner

Well, when it's down to this:
overturned and @ the roof.
and the words are done and the silence just smokes on through.
Well, I'm not some clipped lil clipper, just a friend without much time.
I'll send off a postcard to stay inside of you.
"Hands aweigh," I used to say, aching and arcing as I do.
Well, you can take your friend along and say you'll be back later tonight
Oh, but if I had your two-time figure close just one last time...
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Can I cool off in your ashes, did a lil ember burn me down?
Made, away'd, dogged * hammered, you ride the flame on out.
But tonight the woods are folding, and you're not @ my side.
Oh but if I had your lil two-time figure, close just one last time...

Richard Buckner

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