Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime Lyrics

by Terri Clark

They've been together now for eighteen years
And every growin' pain has led them here
She's packed up that last box in her old Chevrolet
Her mama says Tennessee seems so far away
And it's the first time she's seen her daddy cry
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But everybody's gotta go sometime
Everybody's gotta cross that line
Even though goodbye wont come easy
Leave a little bit of love behind
It takes a lot of faith to find the strength
To walk away freely
Everybody's gotta go sometime

He found the love note in the dresser drawer
Right then he forgot what he was looking for
A decade of trust just went down the drain
She choked on her words when she tried to explain
And as he walked away, she begged him to stay

Repeat Chorus

All we really know for sure is nothing stays the same
Don't be frightened by the winds of change

Repeat Chorus

Everybody's gotta go sometime
Everybody's gotta go sometime

Terri Clark

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