Drugged By The Cops Lyrics

by Frenzal Rhomb

I'm feeling sick to my stomach 'cos I'm on my way back
the the scene of the crime and I'm a nervous wreck
Now I need to try to keep my head clear
The last thing I want is what's happening here
Well I stopped for no reason but to bring some device
??? feeling alright
The right to make friends and that's it
and then he starts to treat me like a piece of shit
I was drugged by the cops
I'd do anything to make them stop
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Well have you ever dealt with someone with an even hand
Can you look me in the eye without a gun in your hand?
Do you want to try to break another mind?
I think he got arrested but there's no crime

Well you can keep your stupid questions for someone who cares
and your juvenile remarks about piercings and hair
have you a mirror have you had a look
I know you went to school but have you ever read a book?
Do you like you rage power on the way to the shop
Do you like to be an arsehole, yeah you like it a lot
I think I know a number that can make it stop

Frenzal Rhomb

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