40 Years Ago Lyrics

by Jamey Johnson

Gasoline was just a dime a gallon
They bring milk right up to your door
At least that's the way my Paw Paw said it was, about 40 years ago.
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An old box car was the way to travel
He said, You could see the world in a week or so
And who had the biggest house, or the fastest car or the best clothes didn't matter
Just 40 years ago

But the winds of change have blown that time away
You wont find that spirit around these parts today
and if he were here right now, he'd say son, You're livin to fast
You gotta slow down and pray, aww stop an pray.

Restaurants were all closed on Sunday
and made in the USA was the best for show
At least thats the way my Paw Paw said it was, about 40 years ago.

40 years ago
40 Years ago
(echo) 40 years ago

Some days I think about the way he said things were before
Ain't it just a shame things don't work the same way no more
Nowadays everybody's goin' 90 miles an hour down a dead end road.
They done forgot the way things were before, just 40 years ago.

Jamey Johnson

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