100 Ways To Hate Lyrics

by Five Finger Death Punch

I hate you god damn mutherfucker shitty ass bitch
I hate the way you got my back while you holding out your hand
I hate the way you pussies talk shit hiding on the web
I hate the fact you think you know me makes me fucked up in the head
Hate your nails hate your hair I hate the fact I even care
I hate the way you said you love me but you fucking weren't there
Hate your friends hate your folks I hate you stupid fucking hopes
Ain't no way I'd try to change when the whole thing was a joke
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I hate you that's a understatement
I hate you for who you are
I hate you: and all you stand for
I don't care: anymore
I gave you: 100 chances
You gave me: a 100 ways to hate

Five Finger Death Punch

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