Easy Way Out Lyrics

by Charlotte Church

Want you to see my point of view
I only want the best for you
Understand I'm not being cruel
I see he treats you like a fool
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You've heard the truth
You've heard it all
You're trying to run but you can't crawl
See nothing's changed
The situation's just the same

He's given you nothing
But taken it all
You're taking the easy way out
I'll say it again like I've said it before
Stop taking the easy way out

Each night you call, more tears again
Time to except he'll never change
It's your life , your choice, your own despair
But your burden's far to much to bare

You know the truth
You've heard it all
Just trying to catch you before you fall
See nothing's new
The situation's up to you

You turn to me ‘cause you can't see
That there's a better way to be
So close your eyes and say goodbye
You've got to give it up
Turn around, walk away
Don't look down

Charlotte Church

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