Activism Lyrics

by Ryan Harvey

I slept through my classes and I stayed up late
Writing leaflets, painting signs to demonstrate
I wrote a message on my shirt and I wore it everyday
I'm letting everyone know what I have to say
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There's a new world in my heart that I can feel
And I'm gonna work to make it real

I pasted a bunch of posters on the wall
I wrote a little message in the bathroom stall
I started up a conversation on the train
I convinced my friend's brother not to join the Marines

I wrote a song and sang it at the top of my lungs
I held a banner up til my hands went numb
I pushed my way through the barricades
Went down the sides streets and had my own parade

I saw a bunch of people looking hungry on the street
So I got a bunch of food and gave it all away for free
I stole from rich corporations and I gave to the poor
One day I won't have to do that anymore

Now there's hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq
I won't turn my head away while they're under attack
I'm a force for change, I'm an activist
I will organize and struggle for a peace that sticks

I didn't go and vote, no I didn't need to
I vote everyday through what I do
Won't give away my power to a burocrat
Don't need representation, I'm stronger than that

Everybody's waiting for a miracle cure
Asking everybody else when no one's sure
The answer's in your hands, that's what you gotta know
You gotta shape it, if you wanna see it grow

Ryan Harvey

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