45 Lyrics

by Brian Webb

In the dead of night, In my life of silence
I was holding your hand in this kind of defiance
In this kind of protest...
of never having seen your face
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When words and forgiveness fell down like light
While I was trying to finish a song I was not ready to write
And now I'm figuring out
Just how hard you've got to work for grace...
if at all

Alright... I'm getting over this notion that we're better off broken
And I swore it sounded right
So I just played it forever like a kind of broken record... on a 45

This kid Joey, he was gonna let his hair dread up
He lasted 3 whole months, but then he got fed up
He thought, "Man that was hard",
And he gave all of his money to the poor

And Mother Maria, she's out in the field
Dressing soldiers' wounds that are never gonna heal
And I swear my love,
This is the work we have bargained for...
But you want more
ChorusI know it often looks so easy, but Lord, it gets hardYou tried to get close someone, and then you fell apartBut every moment, this is our chance to beginIf you come for the lonely, and if you come for the blindIf you come for their heart, I will offer you mineWith a mouth that rarely saysExactly what it is thinkingBut I will sing it againChorus
Well Joey left home at the ripe old ageof 24 and a half, making minimum wageAnd he is doing his bestnot remembering when...And this woman of God, who is so careful with menWith a wipe of theirs brows, and a slip of her handsI bite off my tongue, I think this is as close as we have ever been...And maybe it is a sin...


Brian Webb

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