Fatal Eclipse Lyrics

by In Virtue

Sun and moon align setting fire to the sky
A whisper in the darkness
And the shadows come alive
You look me in the eye with a smile and a sigh
“The fuse is growing shorter now,”
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Did you think you'd reign forever
Safe in time?
Single voice and single mind
Kneel to no man but yourself
Digging your own grave

Singleness of mind with the hive cast aside
The time of kings is ended in the twinkle of an eye
All your borrowed time washed away with the tide
“The iron fist is rusted through,”

Did you think you'd reign forever
In eternal night?
Sing for freedom, sing for life
Steal from no man what is theirs
Tyranny dies today

Free forever
Safe from strife
We will free you from your life
Ivory tower overthrown
You have been eclipsed

In Virtue

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