Every Night's a Saturday Night With You Lyrics

by The Drifters

Every night's a Saturday night with you.
Even on a Monday night, ahh we can have a party for two.
- Me and you.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, >n'Friday too.
Oh I wanna tell you every night's
like a Saturday night with you.
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Remember - how we used to meet the gang
How we always danced the same
>Those week ends too.
Remember, <sure> you do

It's funny - but I don't miss them anymore
Though they were fun times babe for sure.
- I wouldn't, change the way things are right now.

-Repeat Chorus-

Remember how we met for our first date.
I was nearly >one hour< late.
>Looked so fine too.
Remember, <sure> you do

You waited you didn't ask me to explain.
We walked together through the rain.
- And all that night, I made sure you were mine.

-Repeat Chorus-

The Drifters

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