Queen Of Peace Lyrics

by Danielle Rose

Mama, how I loved the songs you sang to me
On those endless nights in Egypt far from home.
Now I've formed a crown of stars from every galaxy.
Mama, let me lead you to your throne.
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You battled with the dragons and the demons,
A great sign in the sky with moon under your feet.
Darkness feared the loving woman armed with the Son.
You gave birth to light and saved the world with me.

And your name, Mother Mary, has become a symphony,
All the saints and angels singing, "Alleluia, Queen of Peace!"
Glorious bride of the Kingdom, mother of all families,
Let me give you the heavens, for you gave your life to me.

Beneath the cross with strength, you stood right next to me,
And you wept outside the tomb till night grew old.
Now I proudly stand beside you for eternity.
Mama, see, your tears have turned to gold.

Mama, all your grateful children want to offer you
Little roses as they pray the rosary.
They are thankful for the love that you have brought them to.
I am thankful that you led them close to me.

Danielle Rose

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