For Everyone Lyrics

by Dar Williams

I was pounding the streets for a friend who could find
Some hope out of hope torn apart
I would point to my chest, say
Here it is, it looks real tough
Won't be broken again, but still it's my heart
With full-listening ears and best intention
They so want to know and with no comprehension
This town, such a weary place
Love-lorn, sleepy falling race saying
Oh not that song again
Oh no they played our song again, well
Something should be for everyone.
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So out of the sun drops this man, holds my hands
Has me over for tea and wears flowers in his hair
A friend for my heart, not like friends who say
Do alone, be alone, do it, do it, do it again
I won't take him there
He asked for my days without demanding
He gave me his laughter and his understanding
To those who loved and loved again
Who planted flowers and trampled them, saying
Oh not that song again
Oh God they played our song again, well
His song belongs to everyone.

I could spend all my days with that man, see what grows
And all of his smiles, as if that's what it's all about
But I guess it's hard to keep such joy in your dreams
Or maybe it was just me. Anyway, his smiles just ran out
He frowns and he says it's not my business
He stares at his hands with no forgiveness
He wonders what can mirrors say
He looks and then he walks away, saying
Oh not myself again
Oh, no, not that song again, well
This world was made for everyone
You gave me that.

Dar Williams

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