Virginia Lyrics

by Elliott Yamin

They say that this kid it makes the hard ..
fond of one another
but you love to separate the ..lost without each other
but life kid ...the storms kep me away from you
I find time be gone for long .. but I'll be missing you
as I said ohh
sweet in know that I'll be coming home to you
just when I cross the ..high
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I know exactly where my heart
it seems that just I'm coming home to you
I know thta in my heart
it keeps my soul in.
How could I spend the time without you ohh
I can't be you in ..whenever I go
and I know with you my hope
I can only come back on and on to you
home to you

I the count for your .. now
and I can't let in
an even though I'm in out of town
now I wanna set the..
.. we touch abotu so any place fid
i realize in .. you're the..

I know how seet it is
to coming on home to you yeah
just when I come back ..
I'm gonna eb ..
Virginia Im coming back home to you
Virginia I'm coming on home to you
Virginia I'm coming on home to you

Elliott Yamin

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