Fire Lyrics

by Stefanie Heinzmann

He was a raw boned Southern boy
Stronger than a hurricane
He had a soft side
Was a bonafide
Hard drinking kind of man
This gonna be a long, long night
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She was the third child of a geechie girl
Fine as Carolina sand
She had hot blood was a wild thing
Every time she got the chance
This gonna be a long, long night

Fire fire fire
Everybody's gonna be talking 'bout this
For a hunderd years from now
Everybody's gonna be talking 'bout how
They burned the whole place down

She had a sea shell on a shoe string
Wore it underneath her clothes
When he gave it to her
She understood
Nobody else could ever know
This gonna be a long, long night

Hit 'em like heat rush

Burning like a fever
They'd never be forgiven
But you can't keep it hidden
When you're burning like a fever

Stefanie Heinzmann

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