1952 Lyrics

by Gemma Ray

Honey, where have you been? You’re two shades short of green
I’ve been drinking Cuba-Libras in the street
Well, we’ve been here before, picking pennies off the floor
I’ve been calling -- you don’t answer the phone anymore
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I’ll break every bone in you
Babe I’ve been dying to
Ever since 1952

In a bar by the sea in the middle of a dream
When your drunken treasure eyes sunk into mine
Those omega-3 lips, approaching like enemy ships
The coup de grace, Non! Por favor! Permisson Senoir!

I’m barefoot, broken and bruised
I’m won't be following you
Been waiting for you to
Ever since 1952

I’ve waited a long time for them to let me out of here
And if those bullets come rattling
Out your mouth I’ll grit my teeth and grin and bear it

'Cause I know you’re like me -- sinking desperately
Arms flailing, were they waving back at me?

I’m barefoot, broken and blue
Well I’m through with following you
Been aching for you to
Ever since 1952

Gemma Ray

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