Fatal Lyrics

by Tank

[Verse 1:]
A warning comes before destruction
But she was so bad, bad, bad
I saw the signs but I had to touch it
She tried to warn me, didn't listen
I had to cut it
Thought I could play the game
Treat her like the rest
But she wasn't falling for it, falling for it
Don't get me wrong I'm always up for the challenge
I'm gonna keep it real though
She was more than I could handle
I remember how she put it to me
Told me not to play with her
(Ooh she)
Said if you want it say you love me
And I hate that I did damn!
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[Chorus 1:]
Blowing up my phone
Staking out my home
Burning up my clothes
Scratching feelings on my ride
Posted at my job
Disrespecting moms
Breaking windows out my house
Poisoning my dog
Putting holes in the condom
She was fatal (fatal)
Fatal (fatal)

[Verse 2:]
This chick is crazy
Man she got it bad
Now there ain't no turning back back, back
This all happened so fast
She went from one thing to the next
If I had known I would have never brushed you off
And charged you to the game as just another loss
(First mistake)
I stayed in it too long
(Second mistake)
The next day I had ignored my phone
(Third mistake)
I'm not admiting I was wrong
If I had only known
She acted like this was her first time
Wasn't that serious to me
(Ooohh she)
Said if you want it say you love me
And I hate that I did it, damn

[Chorus 2:]
She following me around.
Slashing all my tires,
Trying to get me fired
Sneaking in my crib,
Staring at me crying
While I'm still sleeping
She slap me in the face
Want me to beat her up
So I can get locked up (fatal)
She was fatal, (fatal)
Fatal, (fatal)


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