Forgotten Flowers Lyrics

by John Fullbright

I've got diamonds in my backyard they grow just like weeds
You'll come and gather them in bundles, take all that you need
But save the flowers they're for me dear, take the diamonds for your greed
Because the flowers don't grow like weeds
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Glory, gloryHallelujah, I'm lost and she's found
Another lover, to give her shelter when the fields have turned brown
Another kind man, to warm her when the snow finds the ground
The only girl, that made the world go round

There are some thing worth remembering
Others left for time to come and weather, and to change
In the winds of your mind
But don't forget me while your leaving,
Because it's all that I borrowed from time

Now It's Sunday, early evening
I rise for the day and brush a long hair from the pillow
On my bed where she would lay
And in the back yard forgotten flowers all fading away
To bloom in other lover's back yards someday
To bloom in other lover's back yards someday

John Fullbright

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