Village Inn Diner Lyrics

by David Ramos

When my dog died and I couldn't go to school
and I couldn't even meet the ..was my first loss
and something so near the feeling was so real
and I was completely unprepared for this
but you were there to get you through the pain
and never pinch your nuz my loss even ..
experience much worse
you took me to the donner
you made me eating drink like only you could
like in the wight grade when I was weather and away from ..season
only you could make me eat right and once was ..and never forget the donner
every time we passing you will always remind me even when retaining became
let's come and forgetting things
you would always retain that 'cause my pain was rela to you
it wasn't just a dog for young man a bit of ..the typical man
it was your grandson the one that you would hurt for the one that you would ..
ship into a better man as imperfect as I am
I promise that I will be your fraction a particle
a despicable article if it wasn't for your
molding over geneteic mess into something better
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he could never..let's stress 'cause ti does feel more other
so I can have that ..models like you two emulate
you talk me to care for others more than myself
'cause that's what you did
in every waking moment until the very end
because you live for us and that's no matter what

...the possibility to stay with us
..ain't did and I can't express the magnitude
I should've done something
I should've..
I am so sorry for ..
I am so sorry for infinity it is a guilt that I will forever carry
I'm so sorry

David Ramos

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