Everyday 420 Lyrics

by Richie Wess

Wee Cristal looking like her glitter, she came all the way from Cali just to fuck with a nigger
Break it down, roll it up with a switcher, take three years to let the whole team hit her
For next hour, mixing it with the widow, pointing up a cup, riding on on a skedo
That means I'm rolling up like a six speed. Always been bad, bitches are good, weed.
No stamps, no seeds and no squares in my circle, only real niggers is, we inhale the purple
Blowing on the exotic, never on that commercial.
Hey, I'm just stuck on my ways. We are not the same, let me put you on the game.
I roll blunts for my niggers, but when I double oj, straight cushion, oh, hey.
Long nights, long days, break brown with my brother as my friends part ways
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No love hoes, homie, but things change, soon as a nigger got trapped in this game
The diamonds are ice of cost of big change
We don't get stoned no more, we get blaze
I'm trying to get money in all ways, ‘cause I met some stupid niggers lame out as dumb ey
Now, ain't that a contradiction? I remember the days we ain't have part of PC
Going through a transition, I blow smoke like medicine,
I feel like is still something missing, never satisfied, definition of living
Pursuit of happiness, run and trying to get it, can't stop ‘till I see seven digits
You penny pigeon, I'm pimping. You're tripping off only hoes, I tell ‘em go and get them
Light it up, kick back and listen, light it up, kick back and listen.
I overcome any obstacles to let my city know that is possible
Ain't about me, I stay on my JOB

Richie Wess

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