Five Minute Breather Lyrics

by Chill Bump

Man I got to
Shit I need to
Man I got to, shit I need to
Find me a Five Minute Breather.
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Let me inhale, let me exhale,
start off this day with a fresh smell
The city is
synonym of pressure, it's blocking my breath,
every office is occupied ; no oxygen left.
Every odd second's a rush, we won't stop before death.
Better never trust a soul, and keep watching your steps.
You a robot, a fools, and they mold ya since school,
You gotta grow up, be useful, gotta know what to do.
gotta show off be cool, gotta go off, be cruel,
Gotta resemble the right clone, if it takes throwing up food.
Paper's our pimp, we get paid for our painful work,
pay your bill, passive slut, pile up your paperwork !
Peek over the fence, better pick up on the latest norm,
but the grass always grows greener on your neighbors' lawn.
Go get a new gadget 'cause life's improving,
in a few months it'll die and you'll buy a new one.
Virtual wall's moving, son, keep up to date,
can ‘t put your feet up, time don't freeze up and wait.
Can't ease up, gotta work hard, gotta feast off your pay,
but you ain't got time to eat all the meat on your plate.
Information ping pongs, TV on all day,
and the radios dictate what to be, what to say.
Gotta get away

Man I got to
Motly modern day man, always gotta make grands.
God, he can't stand when he gotta wait, he hates moderation.
He can't tolerate patience, Babylon is king,
emptiness hides behind every merry song you sing,
Forever heading on blind-folded, you never want to think.
never want to pause on this very long marathon you sprint.
Ain't no fair accomplishment, every kids gotta fight,
Mother gotta teach you to crush others so you can get what you like.
Governments feed minds with sick thoughts and lies,
You've gotta get up that ladder or you'll get squashed like flies.
You all spend your lives thinkin' about shit y'all can buy;
I wish my species would just piss off and die !
Society's nevrotic and won't let me be,
I've tried swimming up that current, screaming « set me free ! »

But nobody wanna listen, they lecture me,
so I'll take a random direction and run hecticly
God I'm sick, Gotta get away, mother nature's my shrink,
gotta punch the air, scream my rage, say what I think.
I'm no better than you fools, but I follow no leader,
I'm a fly in need of a 5 minute breather

Man I got to, shit I need to
Find me a Five Minute Breather.
Let me inhale, let me exhale,
start off this day with a fresh smell

(Oh, I'ma just follow this road,
I'ma float where the wind blow
Not bothered on where I'ma go,
Go with that flow) x4

Chill Bump

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