Oh Bravo Lyrics

by Children 18:3

I couldn't see beyond the corner to the stage
From my place between the cowboy and the clown
Mommy dressed me up and left me with a kiss
For the talent show now beginning the curtain coming down
Just enough to hear them say
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Oh bravo you're the best there is no one else
Oh bravo our applause is not enough
Can you hear us yell out yell out?
On and on we go

One by one they came and left us all amazed
Everyone so elegant it made me feel so plain
The clown so colorful the ballerina danced and twirled
And I thought "Clearly they're all better then my little song!"
And they deserve to hear the praise

Running off the stage with bitter tears of shame
Close my eyes and tried so hard to make it go away
I just want to go home and tell my teddy bear "I failed I failed!"
I turned around the corner just to hear my daddy say

Oh bravo you're the best you're my only one
Oh bravo that will always be enough
Look at me you're song was beautiful beautiful
Even if nobody ever knows

Children 18:3

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