Everybody's Broken Lyrics

by Jann Arden

Everybody hates Billy Wolfe a^€˜cause he doesn't he look the way they do
He sits in the back with his patched up knapsack taking the abuse
He can't even hid the bruises inside those kids can be so cruel
Everybody hates Billy Wolfe in the land of the red, white, black, and blue
Oh, everybody's broken
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Eight-five years she's been living right here when they took her from her home
To her little white room with a cup and a spoon and the dress that she had on
Nobody came they've forgotten her name it's like she disappeared
She's just Clara-Marie and that's who she sees when she looks into the mirror
Oh, everybody's broken
Oh, everybody's broken

She lost her son on February one, of two thousand and four
Wrong place, wrong time your life became a land mine right outside her door
There used to be kites and strings of lights to decorate her skies
Now clouds of smoke just shroud the hope and all she can do is cry
Oh, everybody's broken
Oh, everybody's broken

Jann Arden

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