Everything's Eventual Lyrics

by Pentimento

W[ Lyrics from: http://www.cloverlyrics.com/e38107-pentimento~everythings_eventual_lyrics.html ]01; both said "it's been a long time coming, but let's make no mistake about why we're here".
And although I knew how wrong it was, I never felt so honest in my life.
I said I'd make a believer out of you.
Half hoping for the truth about how you don't "believe in love".
But I believe in you.
It's just miles and time that separate the greatest walls.
My nights now spent confessing to pillows everything done under sheets.
My tired eyes only saw what they wanted which was just a way for me to cope with the distance.
But I was just making up for lost time.
Just imagine what this could have been.
I just couldn't keep it together.
It's not what I wanted this to be.


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